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"A ship is safe in the harbour, but that’s not what ships are built for" – Gael Attal 

In May of 2014 I attended a family Wedding. My Family of 11 Adults, 6 nieces and nephews, along with a large number of friends flew over. It was 3 weeks of Cocktails, swimming, massages laughter and wedding fun with the people I love. 

When I got back I made the decision that for my next trip I would try the opposite, be brave, and set off to explore all by myself. So I started planning...

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans and of course my love New York.

I looked up my flights, accommodation and made a tentative budget. I was going to America... again... because I love America.

Except, the truth was, that wasn't why I decided to go back to America. I chose places that I knew, where the only major language barrier was my Aussie "Chips" to the American "Crisps" and where my favourite Aussie saying "no problem" meant the complete opposite to the American "No. Problem". I was being safe again.

So I started to write a list of places I wanted to see. I had 80 places on my list within 3 hours, I had a look at where the majority of my listed items were and I decided

I was going to Europe... To countries where I didn't speak the languages... Alone. 

From that day I have travelled alone all over the world. I have met incredible people from almost every continent (I have yet to meet one of the 11 humans born on Antarctica). I have experience the incredible kindness of strangers and am now blessed with friends from all over the world. 

While there have been times when I have been scared, when I was genuinely worried that I might not make it home. Those moments of fear have made me a stronger, more capable person. 

So I decided to write about my experiences and the experiences of the friends i've made along the way, to give other solo travellers some tips and tell some of my stories. 

Enjoy x

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