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Travelling - It's easier than you think

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things ― Henry Miller

For most of my life overseas travel seemed completely out of reach. Growing up the 4th child in a very large family meant that, If you couldn't drive there you just didn't go. 

Even after I finished school, moved out of home and started working full time, I still believed that it was to expensive to travel. 

Cut to 2 am on the night of my 22nd birthday party, when filled with a little liquid courage I went online and bought a ticket to North America. 

I remember being a little bit panicked (and very, very head-achy) the next day when I looked at my bank account and realised what I had done. I remember wondering how I would ever afford it. 

It was then I realised how affordable travel in other countries actually is. In my hometown, Melbourne, it will cost you $180+ a night for a 4 star hotel, but the same 4 star hotel in Vancouver would likely be half the price. I did some research on the cost of things I wanted to do while over there and made a quick budget and just like that I stopped panicking.

I have had a very large bucket list my whole life, and during that trip I crossed off the top 2 thing on my bucket list  (I also made a start on numbers 3, 7 and 16)

1. Travel Overseas - DONE!!

2. Have a White Christmas - DONE!!

3. Put my feet in every ocean in the world (STARTED)

7. Go to every continent in the world (STARTED)

16. Go to every Disney theme park (STARTED)

Bonus - I also managed to come home with money in the bank 

The day I got back from North America, I started planning my next trip, and that has become my new way of living - at any moment I am either planning my next trip or am travelling.

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